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The catalog of our online store contains original Orthodox icons of good quality. Here you can buy an icon as a gift to relatives and friends. An icon as a gift is not only a wonderful gift, it is a wish for divine protection, protection of the Holy Angels, and help. Orthodox icons are filled with spiritual meaning. 
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The original wedding icons. Orthodox icons are made of wood, silver, gilding and other materials. For their manufacture, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials are used. By contacting our store, you can order wedding icons. The icons are distinguished by their design and beautiful decoration. Gift icons can be presented for the person of any status, age. Women can order an icon of the Virgin, while men can choose the St. George the Victorious, Nicholas the Wonderworker protects children. The icons are made in accordance with Christian traditions, handcrafted by talented craftsmen. Beautiful icons for a wedding can be presented for a married couple, newlyweds. The icons are beautifully decorated with ancient paintings of Orthodox prayers in exquisite frames. Pictures of this theme are distinguished by a beautiful design and design. This handmade panel will be in harmony with the interior design of any room. Icons can be bought in the bedroom, in the living room or in the study. The icon for the bedroom is a great gift in honor of any celebration, the main event in a person's life. Since ancient times, Christians have chosen icons as gifts. Our site contains a variety of icons, a collection of divine images, unique works of a religious nature. Here you can buy an icon at a reasonable price. 
Where can I buy folding icons? Folding icons of classic images are made using precious metals and precious woods. In our catalog you will find original icons of revered saints of the Orthodox Church. Here you can order paintings of Orthodox prayers, decorated in elegant frames. The wedding couple of the icon is the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Savior, which are decorated in the same style. Icons of a wedding couple are required for blessing by parents, for the wedding of a young couple. The wedding couple blesses young people, makes them happy, and the marriage union is strong. The online icon store offers various icons of the Holy Images. Wedding icons are the basis of the hearth and family happiness of young couples. Miraculous icons presented for a wedding are a unique gift that parents can give to a young couple. A wedding couple is a talisman for the union of loving hearts. Marriage is a joyful event, an important moment in the life of a couple in love. The symbol of the event is the ceremony, the sacrament of the wedding, when in the church the priest blesses the young people, turns to the Lord with a prayer to send young people happiness, consecrating the path with wedding icons. Parents pass on holy Orthodox icons to children by inheritance. 
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